April 6th, 2020. Mamibot announced to start supplying non-medical use FFP2/KN95 masks for helping people fighting against the covid-19 corona virus. After 40 days of preparation in production facilities, certification process and materials procurement, Mamibot can finally support personal protective masks in massive quantity, as requierd by many of its partners and distributors.

Mamibot is offering two types of FFP2/KN95 masks, the Mcare-N95 Reusable new nano-film mask, and the Mcare-N9502 general foldable particulate respirator. 

Features about the two models:


Reusable nano-film mask with 5 layers of fabrics (cotton+non-woven fabric+nano-film+non-woven fabric+cotton).
According to lab's testing result, this specific mask can be sterilized by different ways and will keep over 95% filtering efficiency even after retreament.
Sterilization methods including:
75% Medical alcohol spraying on outer side of the mask;
85-100 degrees centigrade hot water soaking for 15 minutes;
Soaking in disinfectant liquid with proper proportion
Standard: GB2626-2006/EN149:2001+A1:2009
Filter performance: >=95%

Particulate disposable respirator
Standard: GB2626-2006/EN149:2001+A1:2009
Filter performance: >=95%

Before submitting your inquiry, please read below F&A in the end of this page carefully.

Which standards are equal to KN95 grade (GB2626-2006)?
N95(Niosh-42CFR84)-USA, P2 (AS/NZ1716:2012)-Australia&New Zealand, DS (Japan-JMHLW Notification 214, 2018)
Why KN95/N95 masks doesn’t mean FFP2 Grade in Europe?
EU test agent: Parrafin Oil & NaCL, Parrafin oil for filteration of oily particle, NaCL for filteration of non-oily particle.
KN95/N95/P2/DS standards only test by NaCL for filteration of non-oily particle.
How does FFP2 mask look like:
Generally FFP2 mask looks like below 3M 8822 FFP2 mask, with valve and different structure and components, not foldable
Check below link by 3M.COM to know the different testing standards and materials in USA/EU/CHINA/JAPAN/South Korea/Australia

Mcare-N95 Reusable nano-film mask

Why Mcare-N95Nano-mask?

Bacteria filter performance:   >=95%

Inspiratory resistance:            <=80pa

Expiratory resistance:             <=60pa

Use time:                                reusable, over 10 times

Flammability:                         <=1second

Wearing experience:              Soft and comfortable

Key features:                          Perfect for summer season or                                                         high-temperatured condition                                                           wearing


How to disinfect this mask?

A. Soaked in hot water between 80℃~100℃ for 15 minutes. After gently rinsing and drying, it can be used again (don’t RUB or Scrub it with your hands);
B. The outer surface can be disinfected by spraying with 3 ml of medical alcohol, and it can be used again after drying;
C. Soak it in 84 disinfectant solution (diluted at 1:99) for 20 minutes, or other disinfectant solution (please strictly follow the instruction in respect of ratio on Fabrics sterilization, for example, if it reads dilution rate 1: 20 for fabrics, it means you need to put 10ml disinfectant liquid with 200ml clean water), rinse it with clean water to tasteless, and can be used again after drying (no disinfectant residue).
Do not rub or scrub the mask during cleaning/sterilizing. 
Note: No any residue of disinfectant or soap liquid is allowed to be remained on the face mask, which will cause reduction of filtering efficiency.    
Warning: though the maximum service life of this mask can be 200 hours, we kindly suggest not to reuse for more than 10 single times.

75% medical alcohol spray


Disinfectant liquid


80℃~100℃ hot water

Mcare-N9502 Disposable particulate mask

Frequent asked questions and answers (Read carefully please)

1. Standards of KN95, N95, KF94, FFP2, FFP3, N99?

The letter KN, N, KF, FFP means different country, numbers mean filter performance.
N99: >= 99%, Niosh USA standard
FFP3: >=99%, CE EU standard
FFP2: >=95%, CE EU standard
N95: >=95%, Niosh USA Standard
KN95: >=95%, GB China Standard
KF94:>=94%, KMOEL South Korea Standard
FFP3=N99 >FFP2=KN95=N95>KF94

2. Do you have stock in the United States
No, for the moment there is no single stock in USA.
We have some pieces of Mcare-N95 reusable nano-mask in Shanghai, China

3. Are you masks Noish certified?
No, we got only FDA certificate for Mcare-N9502 particulate respirator.
We are in process of application for Mcare-N95 reusable nano-mask.

4.Are the masks Made in USA?
No, masks are made in our China factory. You can search for USA based manufacturers for Made in USA medical devices:

5. What payment term do you accept?
T/T only. We don’t accept credit card, western union, LC payment for the moment.

6. How long does your price validity last?
Five days only, as all material cost for general cotton fabrics, non-woven fabrics, nano-film, meltblown fabrics is changing every day.

7. Can you offer DDP Price?
No, we can only offer FOB prices due to air flights are quite tight and changes of air flights happen all the time.

8. How will you ship the masks?
We normally ship through DHL.

9.How long can we expect the arrival of goods?
General DHL express takes 3-4 working days, but some times DHL express is possibly to be delayed.

10. What is the packing size of your masks?
Mcare-N95 reusable mask: 2pcs/bag, 1500pcs/carton (30x40x60cm)
Mcare-N9502 particulate mask: 2pcs/bag, 20pcs/gift box (15x15x9.5cm)

Mcare-N95 reusable nano mask: 2 years from manufacturing date.
Mcare-N9502 particulate mask: 3 years from manufacturing date.

12. What is the MOQ?
Mcare-N95 reusable nano mask: 10K with original packing, 200K for Customized packing.
Mcare-N9502 disposable particulate mask: 200k with original packing.
We apologize for not being able to supply small quantity shipments because of labor shortage.

13. Can we buy masks with small quantity from Mamibot worldwide distributors?
We will publish contacts later when these masks are available for retail purchasing on market.

14. Can we buy your masks if our country standard is not FFP2/KN95?
Please check with your local customs/government/buyers and confirm if they accept other standards rather than your own country's standards.

We'll supply masks during the current special urgent period. We are under big pressuing of answering calls, please send your inquiry to sales@mamibot.com for more details. We hope that everyone can return to normal life as soon as summer comes.