Mamibot iGLASSBOT W110-F, new robot window cleaner in square shape for 2018 for both residential and commercial window glass cleaning.


2020 Flagship Model:  W110-F


Multifunctional Cleaning 

Features and Advantages

Spray water accurately

When the robot moves upward or rightward, spraying will be activated automatically. Spraying frequencies can be alternated via APP and remote control.

Spray and wipe alternately

Proper use of space, accurate coverage of the entire wiping path, and smart nozzle spraying design integrated.

Spray and wipe efficiently

Wipe and spray alternately, without missing any proper step

Sensitive Edge-pressure detection system
Built-in pressure detection sensors recall the robot moves backward when detect frameless glass edge.

***data from lab for reference only, it is not suggested to clean frameless glass 
Precise algorithm &sensors for window lock catch detection 

Detect the window lock catch in time to prevent unnecessory stops or device-block during cleaning process

Anti-falling and frameless detecting

When it meets frameless glass edge, edge-detection will be triggered automatically to prevent the robot from pressure losing which may cause falling off.


AI Control System

Intelligent and Efficient

A new generation of AI intelligent design is integrated with powerful cleaning performance, supported by chips which are strengthening the control system and path planning system.

Dry and Wet wiping integrated

Choose dry wiping for first time cleaning, to wipe heavy dust and dirt; choose wet wiping  in secondary circle for thorougher cleaning experience.

Multiple ways to keep safe

Safety Rope, UPS and Safety Cable are all 

provided to keep cleaning process safely

     Negative pressure suction                UPS battery for                                                                                 Emergency

       50ml water capacity is                   Screwed Bolt Set

           safe and enough                        to lock the robot

Use it in easy way

Control your robot in 3 simple ways APP, One-touch button, Remote control

Four levels of spraying interval can be adjusted

Brushless motors of high-precision

W110-F has motors with features of higher rotating speed, stronger power and lower noise Motor Rotating Speed: 27000rpm