Mamibot PROVAC PLUS is specially designed for small-size house cleaning. 
It is designed to serve people who are living in a 40-80 sqm apartment and are too busy to do daily house vacuuming. 
It's more than simple to operate this little robot cleaner.
Meanwhile, it is perfect to be given as a promotional gift. It makes you happy if you find out the PROVAC PLUS is filled with dust when come back home. It's recommended to be sold in chain stores like Walmart, Lidl, Carrefour, Costco, Tesco, etc. 

Why PROVAC PLUS is different

Longer Working Time
Mamibot ProVac Plus is powered by 2600mAh lithium battery, it works over 90 minutes after full charging, and can be fully charged in 3-4 hours.

Better Filtering System
The dust box of Mamibot ProVac Plus is covered by a filtering system, which does not only increase cleaning efficiency, but also purify the exhausted air after cleaning.
Stronger Driving Wheels
With little body, but ProVac Plus has strong ability to climb across carpets or thin obstacles. The driving wheels are strong, and powered by high-end motors.
More Cleaning Modes
Mamibot ProVac Plus has three cleaning modes integrated in one program, it will change the cleaning modes automatically, from random cleaning, to edge cleaning, and to spiral cleaning.It's the only model with multiple

There are plenty of reasons for ProVac Plus being the best entry level robot cleaner


Cleaning Scraps of Paper


Vacuuming Rice


Climbing over Carpet


Edge Cleaning Mode


Spot Cleaning Mode


Spot Cleaning Mode