Mamibot PetVac300 - robot vacuum cleaner specialized in pet hair cleaning

App Control, Mapping cleaning route, compatible with Amazon Alexa

Designed for pet hair cleaning

PETVAC300 robot cleaner
The Mamibot PetVac300 is hybrid vacuuming robot cleaner can be controlled through APP, and draws cleaning map on cellphone.
Multiple cleaning modes
The PetVac300 cleans in different modes including edge cleaning, zigzag cleaning, spiral cleaning, etc. A smarter program drives this special robot to work more efficient. It saves more time for you comparing with other robot cleaners in random algorithm.
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PetVac300 vacuums and mops at the same time. Don't use water tank when cleaning carpet.

Pet Hair Cleaner with strong power

It is important that you don't need to get rid of the hair on beater brush if you have pet at home. The Mamibot PetVac300 has super vacuuming power to deal with dust, hair, debris. Slim body goes underneath easily.

Everyday scheduling system
You can set up cleaning schedules from Monday to Sunday by simply configuring the APP. It runs as you wish and recharges whenever battery is low.

Draws cleaning paths 

When PETVAC300 is sweeping floor, there is a map showing its cleaning routes timely on your Smart Mamibot APP.


Quiet  enough


The Mamibot PetVac300 is powered by brushless motors, which can output strong suction but keeps the robot as quiet as possible. 

Three levels of filtering system


Three levels of filtering to make the air clean.

Auto charging
With series of sensors to guide the robot find charging station fast and precisely.
Clean different types of floor
PetVac300 cleans ceramic, marble, wooden floor and carpets.

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Longer side brushes

Edge cleaning is always not easy because the robot may leave these areas un-cleaned if the brushes are not long enough. The extra extended brushes help it reach farther to deal with scattered debris on floor.
Anti-cliff sensors to protect your robot well
With a series of high-accuracy infrared sensors, the PETVAC300 will not drop off steps higher than 5 cm, while most robot cleaners will drop off if steps are less than 8 cm.
It is more efficient and protects your furniture and beloved household devices
More than 12 sets of high-precise sensors are integrated in this robot. The PetVac300 has its only predication when it's going to touch your furniture, and slows down the speed to avoid hurting your beloved household.


Dimension                               Technical Parameters
Ø30.0*7.5 cm                           Battery: Lithium battery
Net Weight: 2.5kg                   Adatper: 100-240V AC
Gross Weight: 4.06Kg             Working Time: 100-120 min
                                                  Dust box: 400ml Capacity
                                                  Water Tank: 200ml