Mamibot Launched New Robots at HKTDC 2016 Electronics Fair Spring Edition 
Apr 19th, 2016
Mamibot launched new robots at HKTDC 2016 Electronics Fair Spring Edition in HK, from Apr 13th to Apr 16th. 
Mamibot presented the new generation robot vacuum cleaner EXVAC 550 LANA with navigation system. A new electric mop Mamibot MOPA, a 4-in-1 electric semi-automatic floor cleaner, integrated with mopping, waxing, polishing and scrubbing functions, also attracted a lot of visitors at the fair. 
More than 200 visitors from all over the world viewed mamibot's booth. 
“It was an amazing exhibition!” said the sales manager of Mamibot for EU region. “We received double visitors than last year, and many of them have shown great interest in our products. Our robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers are highly recognized by our existing partners, and obviously the high quality products have been bringing Mamibot continuous reputation and good partnership."
"We have to be aware that the robotics product market is growing faster than our expectation. We now expect that within the next 3-5 years, the annual increasing volume of this market will be double or triple sized. This is just the time!"

Mamibot MOPA, a new product of Mamibot, 4-in-1 floor cleaner integrated with mopping, polishing, waxing (water spray and waxing agent spray), and scrubbing functions. Without bending over, mop your 200sqm floor in 5 minutes!

Mamibot ExVac 550 Lana robot vacuum cleaner, with intelligent laser navigation system, wifi/app control, water tank, etc, targeted for high-end market.

Mamibot ProVac robot vacuum cleaner. Specially designed for promotional market, with super cheap prices, stable performance, huge dust box, ultra thin body, mopping&sweeping integrated, good for smaller size apartment.

Mamibot PreVac robot vacuum cleaner, the third generation robot cleaner, with ultrasonic sensors, LCD screen, voice alerting, remote control, time scheduling, multiple cleaning, is being sold in Costco, Lazada, etc.

About Mamibot
With a mission and vision of “My automating ideas be overture”, we are dedicated to design and manufacture robots that can perform as intelligently as, or even outperform humans on household chores. We provide a wide range of home cleaning robots, inside and outside, including vacuum cleaners for floors, robotic mops, robotic window cleaner and robotic lawn mowers. We have a great vision of saving you from all-around tedious chores. 
Compared to the competition, which we have actually done many times in various experiments and will keep doing so to maintain our superiority, Mamibot robots are featured better cleaning performance, with smarter technology, more user-friendly design and durable hardware.
With Mamibot robots, you can have dustless carpets and floors, shinning windows, neatly mowed lawns, while being free from endless chores. Let's leave all chores to our robotic cleaners, and enjoy an easier life!