mamibot cordlesser V8

The Mamibot Cordlesser® V8 Multifunction cordless stick vacuum cleaner is the strongest stick vacuum cleaner in Mamibot company. It is featured with 27000PA maximum suction power, 15-40 minutes running time, 2200mAh lithium battery.

Cordlesser V8 is Mamibot's ever best cordless stick vacuum

Cordlessver V8

27000PA Max Suction

Enjoy house vacuuming from now


Tractional roller brush

When using V8, the roller brush can slightly drag the cleaner to move forward, which brings a more comfortable and flexible experience in vacuuming.

Stylish Design

Be Simple and elegant have always been the style of Mamibot products. No worry about it getting outdated.Design

Lays down flat

The dust box and handle are on the front of the pole, while you can move the nozzle to reach many types of underneath areas like beds, sofa, couch, chairs, desks, corners, etc.

Long lasting battery

Long-lasting battery life, allows you to use if for 35-40 min in standard mode, 10-15 min in maximum mode. It meets most cases in floor cleaning, up to 150 sqm in one charge.

        2200mah                40/min               Standard/Max
    lithium battery       Long battery life     Suction Power

Front head LED light

The front LED light provides unobstructed views of dust and blind spots, debris can not hide from any of your cleaning paths.

Two in one brush head

The crevice brush is designed to clean surface of sofa, keyboards, curtains, car seats and other crevices.

Replaceable roller brush design

There two brushes, the roller brush is for all types of hard floor cleaning, and the bristle brush is for carpets/rugs cleaning. You can replace brushes timely when cleaning different floors

All-round Flexbile Angle

Cordlesser V8 can be operated in a wide angle of 180 degrees in vertical and 90 degrees in horizontal